Whilst our State President’s announcement last night was not unexpected, the enormity of this unprecedented action is rapidly being hammered home. We realise everyone’s mailboxes are being flooded with COVID-19 related releases so we will keep ours short and to the point.

At MRM we have been preparing for this eventuality and our protocols until the COVID-19 threat passes are as follows:

  • Our landline number will be in full operation however the ability to transfer calls is limited so Nikita, our receptionist, will be taking detailed messages with our firms undertaking that messages received before 14:30 will be returned same day, after such time, by latest next day.
  • All MRM personnel will be fully operational, just not in a centralised location, however most work can and will be attended to as per normal.
  • All MRM personnel will be monitoring email.
  • Whilst many of you are subject to the deadline requirements of various controlling bodies, and one must assume that they will be relaxed, we are proceeding as if they still apply until informed otherwise.

We are aware of various initiatives put forward by government to assist business in these trying times. These include but are not limited to:

  • Monthly processing of ETI claims to assist with cash flow.
  • A 20% retention of PAYE by employers.
  • Potential of UIF claims by employees unable to work remotely.
  • Registration of business for assistance via the Solidarity Fund, the benefits still undefined but seem to include the offering of low interest loans and other similar initiatives to ensure the continuation of business.
  • PAYE reductions for low earning employees.

We currently rely on extracts from President Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation address coupled with what we can reliably gather from press releases. Please note that a large amount of fake news is circulating so we advise you not to act on anything uncorroborated by ourselves. Shireen and I, together with our staff, are researching frantically so that we can answer all and any questions you may have on the above as well as to position ourselves to be able to assist our clients as best we can to qualify for maximum relief.

In addition to this, myself, Shireen and our staff are available to assist with general advisory with regards your company’s health and how to preserve this health throughout this most difficult time.
People have many questions as to their rights and obligations as Employers. We are in consultation with our Attorneys, Brookes Incorporated, and more specifically their specialised labour division in order to better assist people in this area.

In conclusion we are all entering into unexplored waters. Whilst your health and the health of your loved ones is a priority, Covid-19 will pass, and when it does we all need to be in a position to have our businesses trading at full capacity. Our Government has paved the way for us by instituting policy which may have saved other countries, had they responded as rapidly as South Africa has. It’s our turn now to pick up the ball and show the world the power of the indomitable South African spirit.

We will be keeping you all updated through this medium as time passes, and welcome any interaction from you in this regard.

Warm Regards
Chris, Shireen and the MRM Team