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Exciting Announcement – Launch of MRM Labour Counsel (Pty) Ltd

Dear All, I hope this letter finds you in excellent health and high spirits. We greatly appreciate your trust andconfidence in MRM Financial Counsel Inc., and it is with immense pleasure that we share an excitingdevelopment with you. We are thrilled to announce the establishment of MRM Labour Counsel (Pty) Ltd, a new subsidiaryunder the […]


Hello Everyone, It seems like forever since I have reached out in text to our clients and I apologise for radio silence. It’s high time I bore you with some probably misguided commentary. The problem is these days things change so quickly that by the time I get around to writing it’s always yesterday’s news. […]


Dear All Clients and Friends of the Firm, After a very happy 8 years we are unfortunately moving from 6 Abrey Road due to changes in our officerequirements. Fortunately however, we are not moving far, just across the road to Unit 2, Block Coral, Abrey Eco Park, 5 Abrey Road, Kloof. As you all know […]

MRM Update

Hello All, It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and it has been my very good intention to get out a client Newsletter since before Christmas. As we currently seem to all live in a world which bounces from crisis to crisis and we earmark our memories in relation […]


According to my News 24 app, at the time of writing we are in lockdown day 347, a mere handful of days away from a full year since we all went down this strange and often scary road together. Whilst I will obviously touch on COVID in this brief, I will not dwell on it, […]