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Hello Everyone, It seems like forever since I have reached out in text to our clients and I apologise for radio silence. It’s high time I bore you with some probably misguided commentary. The problem is these days things change so quickly that by the time I get around to writing it’s always yesterday’s news. […]


Dear All Clients and Friends of the Firm, After a very happy 8 years we are unfortunately moving from 6 Abrey Road due to changes in our officerequirements. Fortunately however, we are not moving far, just across the road to Unit 2, Block Coral, Abrey Eco Park, 5 Abrey Road, Kloof. As you all know […]

MRM Update

Hello All, It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and it has been my very good intention to get out a client Newsletter since before Christmas. As we currently seem to all live in a world which bounces from crisis to crisis and we earmark our memories in relation […]